7 Capsules That Help You Keep Your Cadence

One of the big problems for many people is that they can’t take many of their personal materials with them unless they’re willing to carry it in a large container or willing to risk it spilling out on accident. Luckily that doesn’t have to be the case. the folks over at keep your cadence [https://keepyourcadence.com/products/golden-hour] have put together an awesome set of different capsules that carry all of your materials easily and effortlessly.

Below, we’ve found 7 different capsule sets that can potentially revolutionize your daily life routine.

1. Get Outside

Bundled as a 3-capsule set, this pack is both magnetic as well as leakproof, meaning you’ll never have to worry about it getting lost, rolling out of your pocket, or spilling/leaking on accident. It also comes with a pill, sun, and droplet icon so you know which is ideal for your supplements, sunscreen, and eye drops.

2. Iconic

For those that want to keep it simple, this Iconic set of capsules comes in a pack of 6 and can be used for just about anything, with icons and symbols to help distinguish them from one another.

3. Cadence Capsules X Araki Koman

A limited edition 6-pack capsule bundle made alongside Araki Koman, this comes in a variety of different colors with 6 different icons to choose from, including pill, jewelry, droplet, sun, eye, and heart.

4. Weekender

For those looking to spend the weekend out and needing a safe storage space for their personal effects, this is a great option. It comes as 6 capsules that are each leakproof and magnetic while carrying everything ranging from body wash to shampoo & conditioner, to toothpaste or mouthwash.

5. A Capsule A Day

A full weekly set of 7 different capsules, this bundled pack is perfect for those that take daily vitamins and supplements or medications as well as those that have small personal effects they want to hold onto for that particular day.

6. Golden Hour Collection

Meant as part of a 3-capsule set, the Golden Hour Collection uses a trio of different yellow hues and icons to signify their uses: 5 PM, 6 PM, and 7 PM. These 3 were meant to seamlessly fold into your existing cadence system or to stand entirely on their own. Either way, it’s a great inclusion for anyone to have.

7. The Capsule

Last but not least, we have the OG option that just about everyone should have. This is meant for pretty much any event and every event. If you need a reliable container to hold your things (anything) then this is the perfect inclusion and option for you.