Top Best Game Console

Game console was introduced with the video game industry to create a platform for video games that could be played at home with high resolution, large screen televisions and other gaming accessories instead of using consoles such as Sega Genesis and Nintendo Entertainment System. The first game console was introduced in North America on October 29, 1977. It was called “Arcade” and had outputs through vector displays.

Top best Game console

1. Sony PlayStation 5

This console debuted in 1995 with the name of “Play Station” and was a major success. The console processor was called “Play Station” and was introduced in 1995. It had 512 Ks of RAM memory and 8 Mbytes of ROM memory. The console had several accessories such as controllers, light guns, memory cards, etc. It had two optical disk drives- 5 disk drive with 1 disk(the same size as a standard CD-ROM) and an external device called “Super Disc” which contained games that could be played on certain Game consoles such as Sega Saturn or Sony PlayStation 1/2 but not on the others.

2. Nintendo Wii U

This console debuted in 2012 for the first time Nintendo Corporation launched a new platform for game consoles called Virtual Console service which allowed gamers to play their favorite games from previous generations on their current generation consoles. Most of these games came with updated graphics, gameplay features and system software which was made exclusively for this game console.

3. Apple TV

This device was introduced in 2007, which enables the devices with a set-top box to view and stream various video content from various sources such as TV shows, movies, music, etc. It also allows users to play games from any browser or other applications such as iPhone/iPad or Mac or PC on their TV screen.

4. Playstation 4

This console launched in 2013 with a different design than its predecessors at the time of its release. The console processor was named “Playstation” and was capable of rendering games at 1080p in 720p and 60 frames per second. The console had 8 GBs of RAM memory and 1 TB hard drive capacity along with Blu-Ray disk drive for storage media.