Must-Have Marine Appliances for Your Boat

If you are preparing to purchase a boat, there are many things to consider, but the most important thing to consider is the equipment you will need to get the most out of your boat. Here are must-have marine appliances that you should try when setting up your boat!


1. Sunnyside Corp Denatured Alcohol

This is an alcohol that is used for cleaning applications and can be stored for a long time, unlike the gasoline. The container for this product is easy to carry around when you are in your car or need to move the product from one place to another. The price for this product is available at a very affordable price with a quality that will surely last you long.


2. Trident Marine, Quick Connect Cables For Additional

This is a great product for your boat. The Cables are of high quality and are very reliable. They can be connected to your boat’s gas tank, giving you an instant alert to the presence of any type of gas that may have leaked into your boat. This product is recommended for boats that use gasoline since it will give a clear indication to the presence of gasoline in your boat anytime you switch on the ignition.


3. Isotherm, Cruise 130 Elegance Black

The Cruise 130 Elegance is a fan that has a very quiet motor. It is also very easy and fast to install as it will provide you with the ease of installation and take less than five minutes to install. The product works in a great way as it can typically cool an area up to 300 square feet and will save you from the heat produced by your boat’s AC system.


4. Norcold Region-specific Power Cords For Nr740 & Nr751 Universal Voltag

This is a great product that you can use on your boat. The cord is used to connect the cooler to your electrical panel and quickly block the electricity from running through your electric power bars. The cord allows you to easily plug in your cooler without any difficulty and connection.



5. Dometic Crx-1140s Stainless Steel Compressor Refrigeratore

This is a perfect product that allows you to save your food. The product is quite easy to maintain and clean, making it also very durable. The product has a temperature control system which will allow you to fill the upper container as well as the lower container where most of the products are stored.


6. Trident Marine, Assembled Lpg Supply Hoses

This is a great product that you can use to fill up the gas tank fast. The hose can be easily connected to the gas tank of your boat and will extend the connection by almost two meters. The gas supply hose has a very distinguishable golden color which makes it easy to be noticed by those who are not familiar with these types of products.