7 Strong Choices in Inflatable Boats

Seven Incredible Choices in Inflatable Boats

Are you shopping for inflatable boats? Be sure to take a look at these seven dependable and convenient choices.


1. RIB-310 Single Floor Rigid PVC Inflatable Boat

If you care about performance matters, you won’t be able to ignore this inflatable boat. It’s speedy, first of all. It planes rapidly. It’s also the definition of lightweight. This is a boat that’s equipped with tubes that are suitable for people who are thoughtful and detail-oriented. It’s a boat that’s suitable for people who want to safeguard their vessels far from the hazards of environmental components.


2. RU-250 Roll-Up Inflatable Dinghy

This is an option that’s fitting for folks who appreciate traditional roll-up dinghies. It’s a budget-friendly dinghy that blends a slatted flooring system and a hard-wearing plywood transom. If you’re on the lookout for an option that offers a considerable amount of rigidity in the underfoot department, this may be optimal for you. It comes with two-piece oars and oarlocks.


3. PRU-3 Performance Roll-Up Inflatable Boat

Are you crazy about matchless weight capacity? Are you crazy about boats that offer unrivaled compactness? It’s time for you to zero in on this inflatable choice. Assembling this boat is a total piece of cake. This boat offers a lot of steadiness as well. If you have concerns about lack of space, you may gravitate to this boat and its features.


4. RIB-260 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat

This is a boat that comes with three separate chambers. It can accommodate as many as three individuals at a time, too. If you’re searching for a boat that can handle upward of 1,014 pounds, then you should look into this inflatable gem. It’s portable and weighs 115 pounds.


5. RIB-350 Double Floor Rigid Hypalon Inflatable Boat

This boat boats Hypalon fabric that’s invulnerable to the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. It has an innovative fiberglass hull form.


6. RIB-275 Aluminum Hull Hypalon Inflatable Boat, White

If you adore deep-V designs and speedy planing, you’ll adore this boat intensely. It even offers a stringer system and sturdy aluminum hull advantages.


7. RIB-310 Single Floor Rigid Hypalon Inflatable Boat

Single floor fans won’t be able to deny this inflatable boat. It’s a Hypalon fabric powerhouse that planes rapidly. It has a lightweight build that’s ideal for people who care about superb water performance as well.