8 Wine Cellar Racks To Store Your Bottles In Style

Are you in need of wine cellar shelves? Then you’ve come to the right place! Your bottles of wine deserve a space where they can be secured and comfortable. Of course, the racks should also be in style so your bottles of wine will look presentable. Your wine cellar rack should be durable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. Here are 8 wine racks that you can get for yourself.


1. EuroCave Main du Sommelier Rolling Shelves Set

This wine cellar rack is a space saver. One shelf can hold up to 12 bottles of wine. This is a set of three shelves. That will already give you a wine rack that can hold up to 36 bottles of wine. Each bottle is wrapped securely with an adjustable hand. This hand will make sure that your bottles don’t roll and bounce when there is movement around it.


2. EuroCave Revelation Presentation Shelf

If you want to present your collection of wine, then go for this wine cellar rack. It can store your bottles of wine in an aesthetically pleasing way. When you have visitors in your wine cellar, they will be astonished at the sight of this. This also features bulk storage at the back.


3. EuroCave Adjustable Shelf

This wine cellar rack is ideal for bulk storage. You can store a lot of wine bottles here. This can hold up to 82 bottles of wine in the standard size. You can place the shelf inside an open cabinet or compartment so the bottles are more protected.


4. EuroCave Chamber Wine Cellar Adjustable Shelf

This comes with 1 fixed shelf, 3 adjustable shelves, and 1 rolling shelf. They are all made of solid beechwood which makes them all aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This can contain up to 28 bottles of wine. The shelves are adjustable to fit more bottles of wine inside the shelf.


5. EuroCave Adjustable Display Shelf

This shelf can present and store your wine bottles at the same time. The front part of the rack is a display station where you can place your wine in a standing position. This display section can also be folded down to create more space for your bottle of wine.


6. EuroCave Rolling Tasting Shelf

This shelf can hold up to 20 bottles in an upright position. This will make them easy to access when you need to have a taste of each of them. The bottles are securely placed and there is a barricade around them. This will make sure that your bottles will not tip over.


7. EuroCave Rolling Shelf

This rolling shelf can contain up to 8 bottles of wine bottles in standard size. The shelf can roll or glide on PVC rollers for easy access. When you need the wine contained on this shelf, you only need to pull it out gently and the shelf will easily reveal to you your bottles of wine.


8. N'finity Pro2 L & Li Display Shelf

This display shelf offers a more presentable way to display your wine. This can make them look appealing and chick. The shelf is the color black and brown which adds an aesthetic vibe to your wine cellar.