9 Best Showcases For Your Home

Showcases offer a more organized and beautiful way of displaying your most important belongings. It’s like you build a mini museum inside your house. There are glass showcases and those that are made out of wood. Glass showcases look elegant and organize your things in a way that you can see them from the outside. If you’re quite unsure what display showcases you should go for, here are the 9 best showcases that you can choose from.

1. Mahogany Display Case

This showcase is 34 inches long, 22 inches tall, and 8.5 inches wide. It can be placed on your countertop or mounted permanently on your wall. The border is made of mahogany but the body is made of glass. This makes the case transparent.

2. Tempered Glass Display Case

This showcase only measures 47 inches. It’s in the color gray which is perfect for a white or plain black interior. The glass has LED lights inside so you can still see the objects even in dark surroundings. This will be delivered to you already assembled so the only thing left for you to do is display it.

3. Wood Curio Cabinet Display Case

If you need more shelves and storage, this display case can give you that. This is almost 33 inches tall and it has 4 shelves which are all adjustable. This can hold a weight of up to 100 lbs so you can store more items here.

4. Silver Display Case

Do you need a display case for your bags and shoes? This is the perfect one. It’s enormous and almost 40 inches tall. It has 4 tempered glass shelves that are fixed to the case. This means they cannot be adjusted. The cabinet has lights at the top and on the side part.

5. Retail Display Case

This display case is mostly seen in jewelry shops. You can display your items here in a horizontal manner offering a more organized and easy-to-look-at display. This features two adjustable glass shelves. It also has 4 LED side lights.

6. Portable Round Twist Tower Case

This showcase or display case is magical in many ways. It’s portable, collapsible, and adjustable. This offers four shelves and LED lighting at the top. You also get 8 transparent and 8 white flexible panels. This is where you start the magic. You can choose to make the cover transparent or all white.

7. Display Table with Rear Drawer

This is like your typical table with legs. This has four legs to support the glass case at the top. The glass case is almost 45 inches wide and 9 inches tall. You can store necklaces and bracelets here. There is an LED light strip inside to give a more dramatic look to your items.

8. Display Case with Underneath Storage Area

This display case offers three long glass shelves. Below these shelves are two cabinets for more storage. This also has 4 ceilings and 4 side lights. This is made of aluminum and tempered glass.

9. Pedestal Display Case

Want to display unique pottery or a vintage item in your house? This is the perfect case for that. This is almost 52 inches tall. The glass case is made of acrylic. It’s 11 inches wide, 17 inches tall, and 11 inches deep. The shelf below can support a weight of up to 50 lbs.