8 Must-Have Photography Accessories and Why You Need Them

If you are on a tight budget but still want to level up your photography and take better-quality pictures without upgrading your camera, then you need to invest in camera accessories. These items can help you in your photography. They can protect your head equipment and make sure that you only take better-quality photos. If you don’t know which accessory to get, here are 8 must-have photography accessories and why you need them.






1. Hasselblad A12 120 Film Back for V System

This is the quintessential 120 roll-film back for Hasselblad 500 series. There are tons of reasons why you should buy this for your camera. First of all, it’s fully mechanical. It automatically stops on frame number one when it’s loading. This includes the shell, insert, and darkslide.


2. Nikon MB-D17 Multi-Power Battery Pack for D500

This is a vertical grip for D500. Since it’s a battery, it will provide you with long hours of camera usage. This is helpful when you want to do photography in remote places. This battery pack can offer you several power sources.


3. Kodak Porta 400 135-36 35mm Color Negative Film

You might need this in cases when you want to take colored photography with your limited camera. This is best used in wedding photography. It will let you take photos with true-to-life colors and contrast. This is best used with a 35mm film camera.


4. Leica Visoflex TYP 020 Black Electronic Viewfinder

Electronic viewfinders are used on cameras so that you see what your camera is about to take pictures of. It will help you see the scene with no obstruction. This way, you can adjust the camera so it takes what you want to take a photo of. This is for Leica T Camera Black.


5. Mamiya 645 120 Film Insert

This will save you money and time. When you have a long shooting session and fast film changes are required, this film insert will save you and your career. It’s economical and efficient. The insert can be preloaded with film and be ready for use in Magazines.


6. Fujifilm NP-W126S Rechargeable Battery

When you do photography, you will need all the power sources that you can get. This way, you can take pictures of everything you need and want. This battery can help you take unlimited photos of beautiful scenery even in remote places.


7. B+W 95mm 010 UV Haze Filter

Fog, haze, sunlight, and other atmospheric effects can affect the quality of the photos that you take. These can result in a loss of contrast and clarity. You can eliminate all these obstructions with the use of a haze camera filter like this one.


8. Bronica Waist Level Finder for ETR System

Taking photos from different angles can be challenging. This accessory can help you take photos from different angles that you want. You can use this for low-angle, horizontal, or copy-stand photography. This single-action hood features a flip-up magnifier.