Nutritional Supplements You Need for Overall Health

Most people assume that if you’re eating healthy, you don’t need any nutritional supplements at all. While it’s true that eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will provide you with most of the nutrients your body needs to operate efficiently, there are some exceptions. Certain vitamins and minerals may not be present in food in enough quantities to keep you healthy and feeling good, particularly as you age or if you have health conditions that impact your ability to absorb certain nutrients from food or eat enough in general.


1. Food Sensitivity Test

EverlyWell is a great resource for identifying food sensitivities and specific nutrients that often cause reactions. When you test and react to a particular food, it’s not just being “sensitive” to the food, but actually exhibiting negative symptoms or even experiencing physical signs when you eat the offending food.


2. Food Sensitivity Comprehensive Test

EverlyWell offers a comprehensive food sensitivity test that can look at the effects of over 500 foods, as well as trace metals, pesticides and chemical residues. The comprehensive test is an extremely good resource for identifying which foods you are sensitive or intolerant to and how they impact your health.


3. Metabolism Test

Another EverlyWell test that can give you a good idea of how your body is processing nutrition. This test will look at how well you are using your calories and provide you with information on how to tweak your diet so that you don’t just get by on the vitamins and minerals you are getting from food, but actually utilize them.


4. Food Allergy Test

EverlyWell’s food allergy test looks at common allergies and sensitivities, such as gluten, MSG and casein. This test will give you a good picture of what foods are causing you problems and how you may be able to avoid those foods in your diet to feel better.


5. Celiac Disease Screening Test

Many people go their entire lives never knowing they have celiac disease because they don’t exhibit the classic symptoms of digestive issues after eating foods that contain gluten. Celiac disease affects 1 in 133 people in the US, according to National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.


6. Vitamin D Test

The vitamin D test is for those who believe their bodies may not be producing enough vitamin D and need more. By measuring your vitamin D levels, EverlyWell will give you a good idea of how much vitamin D your body needs to remain healthy and functioning properly and what foods may be causing problems if you have low levels.


7. Vitamin B12

EverlyWell’s vitamin B12 test detects whether your body is actually able to utilize the B vitamins in your diet and provide you with a good idea of the foods that are blocking those nutrients from being utilized, which will impact your general health and well-being.